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VERTIQUL INNOVATES to the perfect delivery for audience and advertisers so the publication brand's content delivery never projects out-dated technology. And ALWAYS demonstrates the key result factors for a PREMIUM user experience, revenue and growth.

"The Best Marketing Vehicle is The Issue Itself"



1) To grow audience we must always convert new opt-in subscribers, paid subscriptions, or new members.

2) Our domain and digital editions always keep the visitor on our brand landing pages and not 3rd party sites.

3) The digital edition supports SMO and SEO to our entire print and website brand elements - design matched

1) The magazine brand demands we satisfy the audience to return for every issue and give them complete velocity control.

2) Regardless of content, our engagement must create a premium experience on every device - readers quit if problems exist

3) Any 3rd party vendor domain, names, page flip training, and branding distractions are eliminated from our brand experience.


The Audience

"Everything we do comes down to readability"



"Crafting better ads and not banners blocked by browsers"




1) Advertising options expand immediately to high quality creative enhancements and not just banner ads stuck to gutters.

2) Innovative advertising packages demonstrate niche leadership and a combined print and digital solution.

3) Digital ad packages may include html5 ad creatives (not banner ads) and live audio and video plus expansion segments

"The distribution optimization everyone missed in digital solutions before 2018"

Issue Partners for



1) When issues can be customized to become an asset or marketing tool for our distribution partners, we reward partner distribution and ultimately gain audience and value to every participant.

2) The digital platform can produce specialty publications for any purpose, event, or custom/digital only magazine publishing initiatives

Print Replicas, Apps, Newsstand Platforms

Why Traditional Editions Failed The Top Objectives

Flip and portrait was first generation digital and never easy to use

Apps improved UX but required multi-channels workflows and people didn't use apps consistently or maintain downloads - no instant issue was a problem

Digital edition platforms changed from publisher centric to consumer focused newsstand platforms or have converged niche into a crowded and cluttered storefront

There was no incentive for advertisers to every get more creative in a print replica display ad

Publishers didn't really understand how the website and digital edition could produce more revenue than the print edition.

The future depends on digital revenue and growth leading new publisher revenue even if print is still our brand anchor.

Modern Digital Has Arrived!

The magazine business model depends on the linear content delivery experience but does not depend on a printed edition. The print edition now becomes the augmented product for those willing to pay for this additional format. And the modern day magazine is a digital publication.


Modern Definition


A periodic compilation of sequenced relative materials and edited content published in a designed format.

- David Blankenship, President.

Advontemedia Inc.

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Share your questions and ideas with our account manager team when we speak together:

What are your immediate needs?

What key publishing business model elements shall we emphasize together?

How do we add premium as a compliment to our existing model?

How do we talk to the first invited advertisers to participate?

What is the cost and how do I keep a positive cashflow with this innovation?

What if we want to take over in future years?

Can we edit past issue content for corrections or even publishers notes on older issues and more recent web or digital edition articles covering an important topic?

Who needs to do something next to get started?


VERTIQUL's slogan -

Every Issue Matters!

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Full service means we guide our publisher clients every step and we do all the production work!

We're learning what works for maximum revenue and keeping audiences happy along the way!

Too much work goes into every issue not to maximize it's audience reach and advertiser value for both display and strategic marketing value!

We have years of experience in traditional digital editions, so we knew how to build

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